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I don't understand the controls why it's not just WASD - I don't play games like that. One developer did that too, with Q its forward, P is going backwards, Z was going left and M was going right... How to troll the gamer...
I am eager to play it, but not like this, sorry.

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I really want to play this game, it looks cool. But the contols are terrible! How about WASD? or at least keys that are together! And the options button on the game menu does not work for me.  As for the controls at least allow the player to change the controls. 

Any news on the patch yet? very much wanting to give this a try.

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Hye Guys ! I'm Dimitri, Dev team on Hellen.
Sorry for the AZERTY input, we're patching this quickly !

We are all so thankfull for you to playing on Hellen. This project take us a long time (and long night) of works to do.
Feel free to report any problem you have :)


It sure has potential but as almost always indie devs get the audio design wrong. Some sounds are insanely loud and sometimes the dialogue is good volume next line it's low and later to be super loud again. Other than that I really do think they can make something cool out of this.

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Thank you ! :D
I've seen your video and it was very cool.

We're working on a patch for Hellen, thank you for playing !

why no .exe file??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????//



Well... With the inaccessible options menu and lack of QWERTY support this felt like an awesome game was thrown into a blender with wonky physics, unresponsive controls and garnished with poor framerate. Alas, here is my attempt to traverse, via a key-bound controller, this otherwise gorgeous and creepy station.

I sincerely hope this gets an update and patch to fix these issues, this looks like it could be a really amazing indie game. Made even more impressive by the fact it was only made by three people.

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Thank you CoalFire !

As i say in an other post, we're working on a patch for solve some of this issues :)
We're very thankfull to you for your review and hope patch will help !


Home screen options menu is inaccessible, I understand this was made with a azerty keyboard in mind but a swappable control scheme would be awesome. As I can't access the options menu in game I can't change the graphics options and it runs at about 10 fps. Hoping to get an update as I'd love to do a video or two on this!

ZQSD? Why not WASD?

Seems like the game was designed for an AZERTY keyboard instead of QWERTY

um, its an RAR? u kidding me?


WASD and this game would be great!

Unplayable with these controls. Shame it's looked good.

Why don't we have WASD to move :(

Is there any chance to get some WASD love? :)