A downloadable Hoa'n for Windows

                                             PITCH : 

In the Kingdom of Amedoya, Hoa’n, a young orphan boy is initiated into the heretical practice of the magic of the elements. When his master disappears, he has no choice but to go in search of him. His adventure will lead him not only to discover the incredible power within him, but above all to confront the forces that threaten to destroy the entire kingdom. 

                                            ABOUT US : 

Created and developed by six master students in Game-art at the ECV Bordeaux in almost 5 months, during the confinement. This game was made in Unity using the 3G game kit. 

                                           THE TEAM : 

Théo CALLEJA : Technical director                                                                                                          (art station - instagram - linkedin)

Hélène ALTMAYER : Lead chara                                                                                                               (art station - instagramlinkedin)

Guilhem CARLAIS : Lead game design                                                                                                       (art station - instagramlinkedin)

Sanae BACHELLERIE : Producer / Project manager                                                                                 (art station - instagramlinkedin)

Maxime CAYLA : Art Director                                                                                                                     (art station - instagramlinkedin)

Kala’i SHIGETOMI : Lead enviro                                                                                                               (art station - instagramlinkedin)

                            To see our graphic bible click :  here

                                           CONTROLS :

AZERTY keyboard : 

  • ZQSD : Move 
  • Left click : Attack 
  • A : hold and press to release platforms 
  • E : Heal yourself when you find a magical plant
  • Space : jump 

QWERTY keyboard : 

  • WASD : move 
  • Left click : attack 
  • Q : hold and press to release platforms 
  • E : Heal yourself when you find a magical plant
  • Space : Jump 


/!\ This is only a vertical slice of what could become the full game /!\


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Install instructions

Download and unzip the file on your computer and launch the .exe file 


- HOAN - FR Inputs 1,002 MB
- HOAN - ENG Inputs 1,004 MB


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good but think problem Q no working 

(1 edit)

hi ! You have to point with the little white dot in the middle of your screen to the platform then hold Q to release them :) Sorry for the incovenience we will try to make it easier in the future to understand :) 

lol ok ..this game very beauty ...

How to download it ???

It's uploading in a few minutes ! 

Thanks ! I'll made a video on this game on my channel ;)

(1 edit)

I'm gonna pass out if you do lol please be gentle with us, it's our first attempt at a project like that :) and please give us the link ;)