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Vouivre is the project of 3 French students realized as part of the end of their studies.    

 " The war of the Great Nations is about to end. Your resistance group sent you explore an enemy base probably abandoned, in order to loot weapons and resources left on site.

   The first part of the exploration is in vain, the bunker having been emptied of its weapons and main resources. Only corpses remain.

   That’s when you decide to enter an elevator shaft that wasn't indicated on the plans found. "

> > Important !!   For those who have a qwerty keyboard, you can try the shortcut alt + shift, shift + alt or shift + shift + alt gr to switch to azerty, or switch quickly to the windows parameters, hours and languages settings and temporarily change the keyboard language to French.

There are still bugs in the game, but they don't interfere too much with the player's experience: some enemies will seem invincible, the balls do not damage them. Just move and attack them from a new location (it's a trigger problem for connoisseurs)     A rifle is to be found in the game and greatly facilitates the progression. In case you don't find it, it is at the foot of the red gate in the large green temple.


ZQSD : move
Left clic : shoot
Right clic : aim at target
Mouse wheel : switch weapons 
E : interact
R : reload
F : light
SPACE : jump
CTRL : squat
SHIFT : sprint


Hugo Aubert - artstation - linkedIn

Augustin Cagnat - artstation - linkedIn - mail

Julie Lafeuille - artstation - linkedIn


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Honestly, I wish I could've gone full survival mode in that final room, just to see how long I could last with that handful of bullets and a knife. Good job!


Hi Psychroclasm, thank you so much for your comment ! We are thrilled by you enthusiasm and are grateful you've loved our game ! Stay tuned :) 

this game was actually so much fun. I can only hope for a full version 

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Hello YTScrub ! Thanks so much for your great feedback ! Stay tuned on our channel for our new upcoming games, and don't hesitate to try our other games which you would also love !

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OMG where do I start I loved thi sso so so much, it was awesome its like such awesome intro like of the game, its the feeling i got, i love the quality of the environment, it was not as scary as i thought it would be, BUT the audio made me stay on my toes and stay aware of my surroundings. 

Grate job really really good game/pitch/demo ^^ 

Hello BunnyTClub ! Thank you so much for your comment, we are glad you've loved Vouivre, its gameplay, music and concept art ! Stay tuned on our channel to test our other games :) we also invite you to follow us on our Instagram to see the latest works of our very talented students !

Awesome Game.